Hotel Boudoir Night

We’re planning this for Friday, June 14, 2024. You’ll need to arrange your own makeup and arrive makeup ready (we won’t have space to do makeup there). Times are not guaranteed until I confirm with you, but I will place you as close as possible. Place is a Holiday Inn Express in south Grand Prairie.

The room will have a large (heart shaped!) jetted tub so we can do milk and/or bubble bath sets as well as lingerie sets on the bed. Times will be started at the top of the hour with a 30-45 minute session. Sessions will be $150 (due to the cost of the room, I will have to have 2 people paid or I will have to reschedule the event). Prints will be available for deep discounts after your session. If I have demand, I’ll open up a second night, but it will require at least 4 people to have two nights.