Fairy Bargains

The Fairies are bored and looking to make a deal, but as everyone knows, Fairy Bargains can be a little one sided.Fairy Bargains is a strategy game where players try to make the best deals possible for themselves while leaving less than desirable results for everyone else.Contains 65 poker sized, full color, UV laminated cards1-6 Players, Ages 8 and up

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The Meadow Fairy
Alice Lerro
Makeup by Bear Campbell
The Ice Fairy
Erin Gentry
Makeup by Jess Gallegos
The Water Fairy
Anya Johnson
Makeup by Bear Campbell
The Autumn Fairy
Bear Campbell
Makeup by Bear Campbell
The Crystal Fairy
Nicole Butler
Makeup by Nicole Butler

Alissa Barton
Brad Barton
Glenn Tassin
Lori Tassin

Fairy Bargains Logo

Meagan Barton


I cannot thank my lovely wife, Alissa, enough for all her support through my crazy ideas

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Fairy Bargains happened with generous support of Pre-orders and Kickstarter backers. Thank you all.

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  • Mat Streets
  • Michael S. Lyons
  • T. M. Watson
  • Daniela and Grace Weaver 
  • Marla Morris
  • Daniel Ruddat
  • Cheryl Rayl
  • Ian McFarlin
  • and several generous who wished to remain anonymous