Beautiful Monsters: The Game

The Veil between the world of Beautiful Monsters and the Real World is thinning. Collect magical artifacts to give yourself the best chance of surviving the coming End Times.

It started as a small art project in 2017 and grew into a book in 2018. Now their art and stories are becoming a game. The game is currently in play testing and preorders are now being taken at my Books and Games Store. The box will contain 108 full color cards plus 4 dice. The game is for 2-4 players and takes about 20 minutes to play a complete game. All pre-order backers will be listed in the thank you section of this page.

Downloadable Rules and more information coming soon.

The Card back designs were created by my wonderful daughter, Meagan Barton.

The Beautiful Monster cards are all from the Beautiful Monsters book plus two additional Beautiful Monsters never before published.

13 Artifacts in 5 different categories, Potions, Rings, Totems, Wands, and Weapons.