September 8, 2017

Transformations – The Dragonslayer

It’s sometimes very difficult to describe what I do in a few words. The best I’ve found so far is that I am a digital artist. Starting with photographs and using digital tools such as Corel’s PaintShop Pro, I manipulate those images into a piece of art that exists only in the imagination.

Imagination. Captured.

For this image titled The Dragonslayer, I had a vision of this knight coming up over a rise with a dragon rising beyond. The background started with some color and cloud elements (not pictured) to give color and depth and adding in rock and the top from this lizard perch I found at Petsmart.

Next, I needed to build a dragon. I found this toy at Michael’s, but he wasn’t in quite the right pose for what I had in mind. So I had to do individual shots of his wings, claw, body, and head so I could piece them all together. He was photographed from a low angle and strongly backlit so I could make him feel menacing and big – blotting out the sun.

Lastly, I needed a knight. I co-produce a haunted house called Texas Scaregrounds and one of our actors performs in this full suit of armor. I put him in the pose I needed and lit him in a way that it would look a little like he was in the dragon’s shadow.

Putting all the pieces together and adding some smoke for atmosphere – The Dragonslayer was born.

This image is now available in my Art Store, as well.

For information on how to be the subject of your own piece of art, visit my Commissioned Artwork page.