The Dry Ice Sessions

What is a Dry Ice Session? It’s an amazing way to get low fog for some dramatic images. I know it sounds cold, but it’s really not that cold to the touch. Dry Ice can be dangerous to bare skin, but we keep the actual ice away from you and safety is always first.

These make fantastic large wall portraits and also are extremely unique to use in your online branding. Appointments will be booked in blocks starting at 1pm until we are finished. Makeup and wardrobe are not included, but I can arrange for a makeup artist and as always, I’m happy to consult on wardrobe choices. Wardrobe can be as much or as little as you want.

Date: March 6, 2022
Cost: $125 for the session (you will get at least two online sized images)
Paired with Parachute Sessions April 9, 2022: $200
Prints will be available after the session

Wardrobe: Entirely up to you. The fog interacts with gathered clothing in interesting ways. I will have some tulle and other fabrics for background and/or for you to wrap yourself in. Feel free to contact me if you have ideas you want to try.

Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup is not included. If you would like me to arrange a makeup artist, please let me know.

Location: HWI Salon in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Contact me with any questions or Reserve your spot here (Be sure to check out after adding it to your cart. I will contact you about times):

Dry Ice Session:

Dry Ice and Parachut Session: