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Seven Seas

Preorder your Seven Seas Book by November 21

Shipping is planned to be before Christmas 2019.

Pirates and legends, myths and monsters, these are stories from the Seven Seas and other waterways. Seven Seas will be a 70+ page book with 30+ color images, each accompanied by a short story. The first printing will be a limited edition run, signed and numbered. (Based on additional pre-orders, it will be limited to either 75 or 100.) The size will be 8×10 inches with a soft cover and printed on high quality matte paper.  $25 (Preorders: Shipping $9 minimum, $2 for each additional book.)

Beautiful Monsters

For more information about Brad Barton’s Beautiful Monsters, please visit the page by clicking here.

Brad Barton's Beautiful Monsters Book

Brad Barton’s Beautiful Monsters is an 8×10 softcover, perfect bound book with 60+ full color, glossy pages. Each of the 29 featured Beautiful Monsters has a two page spread with their “hero shot” and on the facing page, at one other image plus a brief, romantic line or two about her. $25 (Shipping $9 minimum, $2 for each additional book.)

Beautiful Monsters Trading Cards

One complete pack of Beautiful Monsters Trading Cards $9 (Shipping $9 minimum, $2 for each additional pack.)


Posters are 12×18 inches printed on 100lb gloss paper. Posters are $9 each. Shipping for each poster is $2, minimum $9.

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Mermaid's Prize
Dive Deep
Rising From the Ashes
Double, Double Toil and Trouble
The Invisible Woman
The Mask (Lar Park Lincoln, Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood)
The Mermaid
The Wolf
Tick, Tock
The Three Headed Woman
Christmas Skull
Part of Your World
Planet of the Apes
The Djinn
The Dragonslayer

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