Brad Barton's Seven Seas

Building on Beautiful Monsters, Seven Seas is my latest project. This time around, we are creating characters around water based themes – Legends and Pirates, Gods and Demons, Myths and Monsters of the Seven Seas and other bodies of water.

For the rest of the summer, if you want to be included in this project and have your own spot in the book, the cost is $150.  This will get you:

  • An Imagination Session built around the theme
  • An online copy of your hero image
  • Credit – including contact information if you wish – in the book
  • A copy of the finished book
  • Deep discounts on any printing of your hero image
  • Discounts on additional book copies

To start your free consultation on how you can get involved, please contact Brad by filling out this form:

When you are ready to schedule, you can use this button to visit the store to reserve your spot.
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Links for pre-purchases of the book and a Kickstarter coming soon.