June 12, 2014

Photographers: July Workshop – Composites!

Mansfield Track Photography thumbBy popular demand, I am going to give a one day workshop for photographers on how to plan, photograph, and assemble simple composites. These are the images where we take an image in studio and through the magic of the computer, drop out the studio background and replace it with something realistic or fantastical. Familiarity with layers in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro will be extremely helpful (even necessary) for you to get the most of this class.

We will be taking an image from basic concept through planning and execution. The class will be limited to 7 peopleBirdville Golfer and will be $99. The dates for the class are Sunday, July 13 or Sunday, July 20 (choose one). It will be at my studio in Grand Prairie near Six Flags. We will start around 10:30, have a break for lunch (we will find somewhere to go together and continue the discussion there), then back to the studio until about 5pm.

Reserve your seat by signing up with one of these links:
July 13 Composites
July 20 Composites

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