August 7, 2014

Perseus and Medusa

This image was so much fun to put together and I’ve been working on it for better than a year at this point. I’ve made the models wait while I honed and tweaked it.. intending it to be put through the competition cycle. It did extremely well at both my local level and the Texas level last summer (where it earned a distinguished print ribbon). It fell just shy at the National level, but I am still extremely happy with it.

The concept was dreamed up on my drive from Kerrville last summer and the final image pretty much meets that concept. The models were photographed in my Grand Prairie studio and pieced together in Paint Shop Pro. (If you’re interested, I am teaching a compositing class this fall for PPA. Look for my class at the bottom of the list at PPA Super Oneday.

So here it is at last… Perseus and Medusa.

Fort Worth Dallas Concept Photographer Perseus and Medusa