January 1, 2017

My Pinup Book

Dallas Fort Worth Pinup Photography Glamour Glamor Retro Brad Barton Photography BookI’m thrilled to announce that my book on Pinup Photography is now available on Amazon.

Click here to order from Amazon

I want to send a special note to Stephanie Campbell for making the cover!

Thanks to:
For mentoring and writing a foreword: Laurie J. Klein
Editor and publisher: Barbara Lynch-Johnt and Katie Loder Neaverth
Publisher: Amherst Media Photography Books

And I’m going to try and tag all the models… in no particular order…
Anya Johnson, Erin Gentry, Erin Crawford, Jj Devour, Kel Alton, Kimberly Armstrong, Shelly Matityahu, Dana Feiwus, Danielle Childress, Kristin Nicole Butler, Lizzy Lace, Erin Michelle McClure, Alice Cathleen Lerro, Courtney Kilgore, Crystal Matthews, Laura Schlirf Lester, Sierra Gibson, Keke Dobbs, Kam Johnson, Andrea Bracken, and Stephanie Campbell