December 31, 2019

My 2019 Favorite Images

Every year, I try to pick my favorite images of the year. From those, I pick my personal favorite. Narrowing to just ten is very difficult most years – this year it was nearly impossible with all the Seven Seas images to choose from… so here (in no particular order until we get to my favorite) my personal Top 10 of 2019.

Erin is always amazing for me, but this image .. her eyes are just captivating. If you’re interested in my boudoir and pinup sessions, you can visit my website dedicated to that at Intimatography (although there may be a name change coming in 2020).
I love parachute sessions. Kristin really brought the look with this amazing shot done last Spring. Be watching for new parachute sessions coming in Spring 2020.
The Viking was shot with my friend Daylon during Texas School this year. I don’t generally include images done during a class in my Top 10, but this class and this image really stepped up my editing game this year and for almost that reason alone, it makes the Top 10.
Four of my favorite subjects in the world – collectively known as “The Quads.” I’ve photographed these quadruplets every Christmas since they were 6 and they turned 13 just shortly after this picture was done. They lost their father this year to a tragic traffic accident and this image was a tribute to him. He loved I Love Lucy and this episode in particular.
A great deal of my business is headshots and every year, at least one manages to sneak its way into my top 10. This year, it’s my dear friend, Lar Park Lincoln. She’s pretty much the reason I’m even in the headshot business and this is one of the best images we’ve done of her ever.
Halloween plays a big role in what I create every year (ok, really ALL year long for that matter). Last October, Lauren wanted “something witchy” while doing her headshot session. I really loved the expression she brought and the overall feel of the image.
Several years ago, I photographed this yoga master and that image went on to be featured in the PPA Loan Collection. I got to photograph her again this year and created this. It was titled Losing My Religion and while it did not make it to the Loan Collection, it did result in a merit photograph.
My new book, Seven Seas, dominated my time this year and these last three images are all from that project. Megan, here, starred as a sea nymph for the project and was actually one of the first ones I photographed for the book. Her eyes and pleading expression just captivate me. This image also went on to earn a merit in this year’s PPA competition cycle.
Erin has been my primary muse almost since the beginning of my photography career. She is also no stranger to my Top 10 and she has been in my favorite image of the year twice since I started keeping track in 2003. This year, starring as The Fand from Irish/Celtic mythology, she not only makes the Top 10, but she is featured on the cover of my Seven Seas book.

My favorite image of the year, though, is Roy appearing as the legendary Beowulf. I originally met Roy this year when he modeled for our class at Texas School. When I taught a workshop over the summer, he agreed again to model for me. This image was created as part of me teaching that workshop. It is featured in Seven Seas and it also went on to not only be my highest score ever in the Artist category in PPA competition, it was my highest score ever in any category.

Thank you to everyone who appeared in front of my camera this year. It was an amazing year and I hope to have an even bigger set of adventures in 2020! Happy New Year!