December 31, 2018

My 2018 Favorite Images

Every year, I look back on my personal favorite images created by my studio and various brands – these are the images that I personally loved from the year, not necessarily the ones that were ranked most popular on the various social platforms out there.

So here are the first 9, in no particular order, before getting to my favorite… (You can click on an image to get a larger version)

Corridon’s Third Birthday
It is, of course, my grandson, so I am a little biased. Every year, my daughter and I try to come up with a fun concept for this Valentine’s Day kid… this year, it was Cupid.

The Headshots – Jo Lorio and Bri Bynon McGregor
My list would not be complete without some headshots from my actors of 2018. This year, Jo and Bri created two of my favorite headshots. Both of them are talented actors, as well. For more information about my headshot business, please visit my site Texas Headshots.

Beauty is…
In my other brand, Intimatography, I emphasize that beauty is not defined by a dress size or an age… and this year, the lovely Laurie proved that it is also not defined by a wheelchair. She wanted to show that there is a woman in her chair – with all the same hopes and dreams – and that she could still be beautiful and sexy. I think she succeeded.

Wild Things Zoo to You
I met Savannah when I needed to rent a snake for another client. She and her family own a variety of exotic animals that are available for events both educational and entertaining. She told me she wanted to do an image that included several of her animals and I jumped at the chance. I absolutely love the way it came out. You can find more about her at

Mermaid’s Prize
Erin has long been a muse of mine and I think she makes an appearance in my Top 10 nearly every year – and topping the list twice. One of those times was another mermaid image – Poor Unfortunate Souls. We did a new mermaid in a similar theme this year.

The Phoenix
Christine has been through a lot. She lived through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans before moving to Houston. She’s always loved The Phoenix as a symbol of resilience and even has one tatooed on her shoulder. After going through Hurricane Harvey in Houston, she asked me if I would make her into a Phoenix. She now has a large print of this proudly displayed in her room. She will always rise.

Beautiful Monsters – The Wolf
My Beautiful Monsters project finished this year and was successful beyond any of my hopes and dreams. This image came out exactly as I had envisioned it. Another of my beautiful friends named Erin modeled for the Werewolf.

Beautiful Monsters – The Gorgon
Another from Beautiful Monsters – when my previous model for The Gorgon had to cancel at the last minute, the lovely Tasa jumped at the chance. Just a couple months before her 18th birthday, she became the youngest of all the women participating in the book.

Beautiful Monsters – The Witch
It should be no surprise to anyone that my favorite image of the year came from the Beautiful Monsters project. I first met Nora at Scarborough Faire and absolutely loved her look. She was one of the original four Beautiful Monsters and this hero image was finished this year. This image garnered several awards this year and became one of the most popular images of the project as well.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble