December 30, 2013

iPhoneography 365

I started off this year with the idea of making an iPhone picture every day and posting them to my tumblr page at… with just a couple of days left, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from the year (some for the memories, some because I just like the photos)…

In January, I was stuck wearing my glasses when my contacts were acting up.. and created this image, which led me later to create one in the studio that was an homage to an old Twilight Zone episode.

The next day, I created this one as an idea for my Frightography website… also reshot in studio conditions a few days later.

January also had my annual trip to the beach… this is one of my favorites created on the phone.

And winter was making me long for baseball season..

An early spring appearance of dandelions and my Olloclip macro lens for my iPhone let me create this one on Valentine’s Day..

And a few days later, I found this awesome truck..

No 365 project is complete without pictures of your pets… and this was my favorite of the bad boy Bagheera

Mid-march was the annual TPPA convention and I found myself with an early morning view of the Ballpark in Arlington.

And more pets… the goldfish, Olivia, and Eleanor



In May, I noticed this site outside my studio door… which should frighten any Doctor Who fan..

On my birthday we found this precious gift… Daenerys… who is now the studio dog (and a lot bigger)

The first day of July brought the sadness of change as I realized we would not be opening our Kennedale haunted house ever again.. so on my last walk through of the entire haunt, I grabbed this shot of one of the most recognizable sights in the place…

The summer had me working on a my first feature length film set as the stills photographer… we burned down a house and I met some cool people..


Another season with the Grand Prairie Air Hogs came to a close with fireworks. I love working for this team.

In September, we were presented the opportunity to get a new space we could dedicated to just the photography studio (so KnittingFairy and I wouldn’t continue tripping over each other).

And then headed into my favorite season of the year..

On September 26th, I had the best bowling series ever.. with 10 in a row in the second game..

Super Monday in October had my daughter doing makeup on the beautiful Erin for a Day of the Dead styled shoot.

October found me sick (still recovering), but still managed to spend time at the haunted house… which means I didn’t miss these two’s performance.

And the highlight of my year… my son came home for a visit at the beginning of December.. I’ve missed him so… and the new puppy sure liked him, too.

I learned a lot about my photography this year doing this project.. but I think the most important lesson was that I don’t like doing spur of the moment photography… I like to plan things out more. I will still be using my Instagram this year, I’ll bet (txheadshots if you want to follow me!)… but not in the same way. I also plan to use my tumblr a lot more in the coming year – mostly to show my art portrait work, but also as a fun social platform.

Hope to see everyone on the other side of New Year’s Eve! Drive carefully and watch for the drunks and texters!