My 2019 Favorite Images

Every year, I try to pick my favorite images of the year. From those, I pick my personal favorite. Narrowing to just ten is very difficult most years – this year it was nearly impossible with all the Seven Seas images to choose from… so here (in no particular order until we get to my […]

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2019 Competition Season

My professional organizations had their competitions this summer, our state competition in June and our national one in August. I did quite well this year with images from clients, personal projects, and Seven Seas. Here are some of the merited images…

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My 2018 Favorite Images

Every year, I look back on my personal favorite images created by my studio and various brands – these are the images that I personally loved from the year, not necessarily the ones that were ranked most popular on the various social platforms out there. So here are the first 9, in no particular order, […]

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