Lizzie Borden Took an Axe

Lizzie Borden Took an Axe She gave her mother 40 whacks When he saw what she had done She gave her father 41 One more of the lovely Allanah from my composite class last week. This one with a Halloween bent…

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Jessica Rabbit

I taught a class on composite photography this last weekend and had the absolutely lovely Allanah modeling for us… she brought out this dress and we all instantly thought “Jessica Rabbit” so here is that tribute… And a few others from the class as well.. including a great Dark Mary Poppins…

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Ariel at the Ball

I do a lot of cosplay photos for Kristin and heading into AKon this year was no exception… but of all the ones we did, I think this image was my favorite – The Little Mermaid in full ball gown, ready to find a prince.

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Persephone and Hades

The latest in my Mythology series… Persephone escapes from the Underworld and Hades each Spring to bring life back to the world after Winter. Hades continues to long for her and calls her back to be by his side…

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