Polar Express Christmas

This family’s favorite Christmas book is The Polar Express, so we decided to put the kids IN the book for their Christmas card this year. Be sure to set up your appointment early next year for Christmas to do something fun and creative for yours. I’ll be starting Christmas card sessions at my Grand Prairie […]

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Grinchy Christmas

Using an idea from a friend, we wanted to set up little Alicia to have a Grinchy encounter for her Christmas Card that year… but using her favorite Aunt as the Grinch meant that Alicia was more interested in helping the Grinch than stopping him (her).

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Christmas Pinup

Erin came in to do a pinup Christmas set in 2008 and we made use of the same fun box you saw in my kids’ image from a couple days ago. Watch the blog after the first of the year… I’m going to be adding pinup sessions back into the offerings for the studio with […]

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Christmas Countdown – 2009

The last of the archive for my kids’ Christmas Card pictures (we’ll do some of my favorite client photos for the rest of the days to Christmas)… this one from 2009. My son was working on being on the naughty list and his sister was letting him know it.

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Countdown to Christmas

So yesterday’s throwback picture was popular, so let’s do it again as we count down to Christmas. This is another of my kids.. from our 2008 Christmas card. We used this box a lot that year in my Grand Prairie studio… it was a lot of fun, we may have to do that again some […]

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Throwback Thursday Christmas

Jumping on the bandwagon for Throwback Thursday… I found this image of my own kids from Christmas 2006. We used it to create our photo Christmas Cards that year and it was photographed in my then new Grand Prairie studio.

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