Voting For Best Christmas Image of 2015

The images are complete and many Christmas cards are ordered… and now its time to vote for your favorite image of Christmas 2015. A small panel has narrowed it down to 5 images so that you can decide the winner. The winning image will get a trophy and a session credit next year valued at […]

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Time is Running Out for 2015 Christmas Pictures

What do you mean you haven’t scheduled your 2015 Christmas Portrait Session yet? There’s a contest and everything! Every year, I get asked to do some fun, funny, and creative Christmas photos and cards for my clients, so I thought – this year, why not up the ante a little bit? Everyone is always trying […]

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Christmas 2015

I mentioned this in July and even though its still hot and Halloween hasn’t even gone past yet, it is time to start booking your Christmas Card Sessions. But, as you know I don’t do things by halves.. so this year, I’ve decided to do a contest. Every year, I get asked to do some […]

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Christmas in July and a Contest!

If the card stores can do it, then so can I. We’re bringing a little Christmas spirit into July. I know its hotter than blue blazes out there right now, but I’ve had this exciting idea in my head since last Christmas and its time to start it moving. Every year, I get asked to […]

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The Self Assignment Part I: Daenerys 2014

In 2013, I got a new puppy, a beautiful Boxer and Ridgeback mix named Daenerys Targaryen Stormborn, Second of Her Name, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Wind (Dany for short). I started on one of my first self assignments then, to photograph her at least once a month. I was bad about posting them to […]

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Best of 2014

This was an amazing year full of fun, imaginative clients. Some of my favorite images of the year are shared in this short video… But, of course, I always try to pick just one image each year that is my absolute favorite…. and this year, its actually not a client image. It is an image […]

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