Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Cosplay PSA Dallas Photography

There is a new craze out there and it’s name is Pokemon GO. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram newsfeeds are filled with people posting screen shots, memes, and stories. You can drive just about any neighborhood and see people wandering around with phones in hands – often in groups. In my own playing, I have encountered […]

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My Pinup Book

Dallas Fort Worth Pinup Photography Glamour Glamor Retro Brad Barton Photography Book

I’ve been working on pulling this together since January and I’m thrilled to announce that my book on Pinup Photography now available for pre-order on Amazon. Click here to pre-order from Amazon Many, many thanks are due for the models involved and to my contacts at my publisher… and I’m going to try and do […]

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New Glamour/Boudoir Brand

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Glamour Photography

I will soon be launching a new glamour/boudoir/fine art nude brand… every woman deserves a chance to look as beautiful as they feel. For more information, please visit the site’s construction page and sign up for the newsletter: Intimatography

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Be Intimate

DFW Boudoir Photography 4558

Among the art portraits I photograph, boudoir is one of my favorites. Not for salacious reasons, but because I absolutely love the soft, pretty, sensuality of the art form. One of my favorite subjects came in today and we made this image… jokingly referred to as “Shoot Me Like One of Your French Girls” If […]

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Best of 2014

Disapproving Pelican

This was an amazing year full of fun, imaginative clients. Some of my favorite images of the year are shared in this short video… But, of course, I always try to pick just one image each year that is my absolute favorite…. and this year, its actually not a client image. It is an image […]

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The Wedding Gift

Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Boudoir Photography 6494

R recently got married and wanted to do something special for her husband so we created a beautiful boudoir album for him to keep by his bedside. Soft, lovely, sensual, and classy… something he’ll treasure for a long time.

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