Casting Calls

Queen of Time - Dallas Art Photgrapher Conceptual SteampunkWhen I have personal projects that require a certain look, costume, or person, I will post a casting call. If you and apply and are selected for one of these projects, I will contact you with more information. Since a lot of these are for Print Competition, I am purposely vague in the public description so I don’t “tip my hand,” so to speak, and let everyone know what I’m up to. If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact me and let me know which character you might be able to do.

I am looking for couples who would like to get dressed up together and create some fun artwork. I have lots of concepts in mind or you can suggest one yourself.

These sessions normally start at $399, but for a limited time, I am offering them for $150. You will get an online version for your use plus deep discounts on anything you want to have printed.

Same sex and other non-traditional couples are always welcome. Please contact Brad if you’re interested.