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3/12/18: The survey results are in and it was very, very close. 223 total votes in total were tallied and the cover image for Brad Barton’s Beautiful Monsters will be… The Skeleton

Brad Barton's Beautiful Monsters

3/9/2018 Update: The project continues to move along ahead of schedule. All 29 Monsters have been photographed and the book has been laid out. We are currently running a survey to pick the cover images – watch this space for an announcement Monday, March 12!

The Kickstarter was a SUCCESS! Beautiful Monsters is going to be a full color book!

Beautiful Monsters was born from a discussion during a Bride of Frankenstein inspired session. We joked about how Monsters were people, too – they just needed love in their life. So we began to brainstorm ideas to create a “Monster Positive” campaign to show the world how beautiful creepy can be.

It is meant to encourage people to take power over their fears – The Dark, Monsters, Spiders, etc. – to take that power back and own it. There is strength inside all of us. I am a Beautiful Monster. Feel my claws. Hear my roar.

The Book

The book is planned to be an 8×10 softcover, perfect bound book with 60 full color, glossy pages. Each of the 29 featured Beautiful Monsters will have a two page spread with their “hero shot” and on the facing page, at least one other image plus a brief, romantic line or two about her.

Expected Shipping Date is June 2018

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The Sessions

Would you like to become a Beautiful Monster? You now can get your own private Beautiful Monster Session starting at just $399. (These sessions are not included in the book.)

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Monster Backers

Special thanks go out to these backers that donated $250 or greater to the Kickstarter:

  • Laura Callahan
  • Angela McNabb
  • Ruby
  • Anya

Additional Thanks to the Other Kickstarter Backers:

  • Tim Walters
  • Johnny Sutterfield
  • Andrew Friedrich
  • darkserra
  • Winston Kou
  • Lori Ramsey Tassin
  • Kevin Daugherty
  • Shelly Matityahu
  • Aysun the Mermaid
  • Megan Hammonds
  • Scott Klein
  • Amy Wurdock
  • John Wood
  • Michael Telford
  • Tosh Thomas
  • Kathryn Hill
  • Colin Knight
  • Michael Scuderi
  • Michael Lyons
  • Steven List
  • Doug
  • John Skotnik
  • Whitney Slatten
  • Sabrina Brown
  • Scarlett
  • Jenn Rinella

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