Brad Barton's Beautiful Monsters

The Kickstarter was a SUCCESS! Beautiful Monsters is going to be a full color book!

Watch this page for pre-order information and other Beautiful Monsters products.

Beautiful Monsters was born from a discussion during a Bride of Frankenstein inspired session. We joked about how Monsters were people, too – they just needed love in their life. So we began to brainstorm ideas to create a “Monster Positive” campaign to show the world how beautiful creepy can be.

It is meant to encourage people to take power over their fears – The Dark, Monsters, Spiders, etc. – to take that power back and own it. There is strength inside all of us. I am a Beautiful Monster. Feel my claws. Hear my roar.

The Book

The book is planned to be an 8×10 softcover, perfect bound book with 60 full color, glossy pages. Each of the 27 featured Beautiful Monsters will have a two page spread with their “hero shot” and on the facing page, at least one other image plus a brief, romantic line or two about her.

Expected Shipping Date is June 2018

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The Sessions

Would you like to become a Beautiful Monster? You now can get your own private Beautiful Monster Session starting at just $299, including a wall portrait. (These sessions are not included in the book.)

With Winter here, be an Ice Queen, an Elf, or any other winter creature you want to be.

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